Improving your daily living and building independence

At The Community Collective Qld, we recognise that everyone has different goals and aspirations. We also know that sometimes it can be hard to make changes in your life or do day-to-day tasks without a little support. That’s where our NDIS support workers can help.
Our team is passionate about assisting people to live their best life possible. We can provide one-on-one support to help you develop goals and achieve independence. Whether you need assistance with daily living tasks, nutrition, self-care, navigating public transport through to developing your communication and social skills, our support workers can help you in a variety of areas tailored to your individual needs.

Improved learning

• Take part in study groups or help with group projects
• Learn study techniques
• Obtain assistance to enable you to attend classes or lectures

Increased social and community participation

• Assisting you in making connection with individuals in your community
• Aid in attending or locating support or social groups
• Going to gyms or other exercise facilities or classes

Finding and keeping a job

• Learn how to prepare a resume and cover letter
• Interview question role-playing and practise
• A companion to accompany you to your interviews

Improved relationships

• Gaining an understanding of social cues and body language
• Learning to control your own actions
• Improving your social skills so you may enjoy conversations and time with others

improved independant daily living NDIS sunshine coast support workers the community collective qld

Ways we can support you through your NDIS journey

Depending on your goals, below is a snapshot of how we can help you and build your capacity.
• Nutrition – shopping for and preparing healthy food
• Personal hygiene and grooming
• Physical wellbeing – relaxation and exercise
• Money handling and bill paying
• Job readiness – resume and interview prep 
• Household tasks (domestic and yard duties)
• Public transport training
• Communication and social skills
• Time management
• Managing medications and medical appointments
• Self-care
• Sleeping well
• Problem solving
• Pet-care

Learn more about us

Wish to meet our support workers? Become familiar with the faces who make up our NDIS team before you connect.

A snapshot of what you can expect from our team

Initial Contact
Meet your support worker and we chat with you to explore your strengths, what you are looking to build on with your NDIS Plan, your goals and we start to develop what we can do together.
Rapport Building
This is about you and your support worker building trust, encouraging you to try new situations and experiences to build on your independence.
Reflection and Planning
Once we have established that important relationship, we take the time to reflect with you on your goals, and make any changes based on your needs.


We help identify the support you need. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help you.

improved independant daily living NDIS sunshine coast support workers the community collective qld

Can we help?

We’d love to understand more about you and help you take the next step.
Reach out to us via, call directly on 07 5453 7887 or send us a message by filling out our enquiry form.

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