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Social Worker | Registered with AASW #662501

Originally from the UK, Niamh (“Neeve”) has a degree in sociology and has previously utilised this when working in the domestic violence sector in London. Niamh also previously worked in human resources and this transcends into her practice through employment assessment & counselling. Niamh moved to the Sunshine Coast in 2022 and began working with us whilst studying her master’s in social work. Niamh’s framework includes systems theory, psychosocial theory, and empowerment theory. She partners with her clients to improve their capacity, independence, and overall wellbeing. Niamh listens, understands, and works alongside you to achieve your goals. Niamh is a registered member of the Australian Association of Social Workers.

Niamh’s expertise includes:

  • 1-1 psychoeducation sessions/workshops to improve emotional regulation & self-awareness (for the person, family and carers)
  • Navigating complex family relationships
  • Scaffolding a person’s support team using a holistic approach, including: information of local services and writing referrals
  • Generating social work assessments and/or reports for NDIS such as: bio-psychosocial assessments, risk assessments, psychosocial functional capacity assessments, and needs assessment.
  • Providing trauma-informed counselling sessions that focuses on: identifying strengths, confidence building and positive coping strategies
Amalia counsellor the community collective qld


Counsellor | Registered with ACA #24188

Amalia is an accredited counsellor and human service worker, born in Argentina and raised in Brisbane. Amalia has a high level of understanding and a broad range of theoretical knowledge of social, personal, and interpersonal factors that influence and impact an individual’s well-being. Compassion has always guided Amalia’s professional journey. Whether facilitating community art workshops, working with children and young people in educational settings or supporting people with disabilities in gaining employment, her focus has consistently been on providing guidance, fostering skills acquisition, and offering social, emotional and behavioural support to empower individuals to create, achieve, engage, and grow.

Amalia’s expertise includes:

  • Using a strength-based, person-centred approach under a positive psychology framework
  • Providing a safe space to co-create strategies and actions
  • Building capacity through a goal-orientated approach


Counsellor | Registered with ACA #26426

As a qualified counsellor, Christina is dedicated to alleviating mental and emotional distress, empowering individuals with disabilities and mental health concerns to lead meaningful, fulfilling lives with self-compassion, authentic connection to self, and enhanced wellbeing. She brings a unique blend of professional knowledge and lived experience to her practice, fostering compassion and understanding to support individuals to navigate the complexities of mental health challenges.

With a background working with vulnerable populations, Christina brings sensitivity and insight to support individuals in achieving their desired outcomes. Grounded in fostering a relational approach, her practices promote uniqueness and strive to instil hope in clients’ hearts.

Christina believes in the power of collaborative and flexible therapy, enabling clients to engage in a healing process that resonates with their lived experiences. In the counselling space clients are heard, validated, and empowered to explore their concerns within a warm, inclusive environment tailored to their unique needs. Together, the aim is to embark on a journey of self-discovery, growth, and empowerment.

Christina’s expertise includes:

  • Identifying shifts post-diagnosis
  • Supporting parents and caregivers of children with disabilities
  • Navigating grief and trauma
  • Neuro-affirming and strength-based modalities
  • Providing narrative, emotion-focused and positive psychology interventions

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