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OUR disability day programs and activities are set amongst our beautiful Glenview location.

The Community Collective Qld has recently opened a new location in Glenview, Sunshine Coast, that offers a range of NDIS day programs and activities for individuals with disabilities in the area.

From art and music therapy to sports and recreational activities, the disability day programs are specifically designed to cater to the unique needs of each individual.

Our NDIS day programs and activities are delivered by our team of experienced and qualified staff who are passionate about supporting individuals with disabilities. They work closely with each participant to understand their interests, goals, and aspirations and design customized programs that suit their needs and preferences.

The Community Collective Qld’s NDIS day programs and activities in Glenview are open to individuals of all ages and abilities. Whether learning new skills, improving social skills, or simply having fun and making new friends, the programs are designed to help participants reach their full potential and lead fulfilling lives.

Our sunshine coast ndis group DISABILITY day programs and activities are constantly evolving. Here is a snapshot of just a few…

• Caring for fish
• Arts and crafts
• Community BBQs
• Game days
• Geocaching
• Mindfulness sessions
• Lego building
• Gardening
• Bonfire cooking
• Plus more!

ndis disability day programs and activities Sunshine Coast by The Community Collective Qld
Glenview location NDIS participant picking limes from tree. NDIS capacity building and social activities.

tailored to the individual while enabling the opportunity to be part of group activities.

Providing a tranquil and supportive environment where participants can engage in various day activities and programs that promote social interaction, physical wellness, and personal growth.

We love seeing each participant grow, try an activity they are interested in and build their own community.

ndis disability day programs and activities Sunshine Coast by The Community Collective Qld

Interested in our Day programs and Activities at GLENVIEW?

Chat with our team about how we can support your NDIS journey with social and community participation as part of your plan. We look forward to welcoming you at Glenview, Sunshine Coast.

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Reach out to us via hello@thecommunitycollectiveqld.com.au, call directly on 07 5453 7887 or send us a message by filling out our enquiry form.

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