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8 Tips to Help Boost Productivity When Working from Home

For all of us around the world, this is a strange and problematic time. We have had to adapt to a new normal without much preparation at all, and as social distancing is now a necessity for us to stay safe, a lot of us are working from home.

Even though there are obvious perks (like not actually needing to get out of your PJ’s before noon and no stressful morning traffic) – having your home as your office includes more distractions, less motivation and sometimes less physical activity.

We have put together our 8 best tips to help you stay sane in a world of social isolation and keep you working more efficiently at home.

1. Get dressed

Showering and getting dressed in the morning like a regular work day will psychologically get you in the right mindset for work, and prepare you for any team video chats or check ins. This will mentally prepare you to get your work done and tackle the rest of the day.

2. Separate your living space from your work space

This is particularly important if you have kids or family at home. Try to find a quiet place away from the rest of the house and make it clear to your family that they need to treat you in the same way they would as if they are visiting a work colleague. Getting them to ask you if they can interrupt you is a good rule. Also avoid watching TV while working and instead stream music that complements your work style.

3. Stay off social media

Focus and avoiding distractions is one of the hardest mental aspects of working from home, so if you can minimize the use of social media, you can focus on getting more done. Tips to help can include turning off your notifications during the day.

4. Develop and stick to a regular routine

To keep you mentally motivated, get up early, take a shower, make your coffee and breakfast just like you have to leave the house. As you will likely be stuck indoors, take a swift walk around outside in the fresh air before you start your day.

5. Take little breaks

Research has shown that taking regular short breaks can actually surge productivity and creativity levels. A manageable work-life balance is key to being able to work at home effectively for a long period of time. Incorporate short five-minute breaks into your schedule, or make them part of a reward system.

6. Hydrate, eat healthy and walk around the house

As you would usually walk to the bus stop or train station, or from your car to the office, it is important to replicate that in different ways. Physical exercise does wonders for our mental health and it is important we get some sort of activity incorporated into each day.

7. Discover your high productivity periods

Every person is productive at different times of the day. For example, some people are productive and focused first thing in the morning whereas others their most productive time is the evenings. Find when you are most efficient and build your schedule around those peak times.

8. Stay connected with your work team

Regularly pick up the phone or use video chat to listen to a human voice. Working from home can get quite lonely, especially for someone single or living alone. Make a point to chat with your team or clients each day.


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